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Fairfield Township Tea Party

The Fairfield Township Tea Party is a grassroots, non-partisan, organization of private citizens united by our shared values and deep concern about excessive regulation and wasteful government spending.

We have three core beliefs:

 Fiscal Responsibility; Limited Government, and Free Markets.

We were founded in the summer of 2009 with a desire to organize with like-minded individuals; with an interest to educate ourselves, and others, about significant current events that are negatively impacting our country and families; and with a commitment to work in concert with other concerned citizens to bring about positive, public policies that are consistent with our core values.

Like what you see and hear about us?  Than become a part of history and join us as we work together to make America great once again! 

Interested in supporting our efforts?  Let your friends, neighbors, relatives, and co-workers know where you stand; our Cincinnati Tea Party Merchandise is available here; and we appreciate your donations here.

Thank You for visiting our site.

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